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What is Eliances?
Mayor Lane Explains at State of the City Address 2015

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Do Your Social Media Ads Abuse Trademarks?*
Brad DeSandro, the "IP Enforcer", Eliances Subject Matter Expert
Once a trademark starts to be used as a noun or verb (for example, "google" to describe just about any or all on-line search engines, or "googling" as a verb to describ keep reading

How to Make Your Company Irresistible to Buyers and Investors! Part 3
Scott Ferguson SME Eliances
According to Michael E. Gerber in his book the eMyth, "the only reason to start a business is to sell it." keep reading

Reflections on the Gold Bill Proposal
Zoltan Kemeny (aka HEART) SME for Eliances on values
Gold bill, The broken window parable, Hazlitt, Nations wealth keep reading

What is the Difference between a Career Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach and a Mentor?
Dr. Bob Ruotolo SME Eliances
Are all Coaches the same? Can this coach assist me in getting where I want to go? Get references and check them out. keep reading

Startups and Sexual Minorities*
Brad DeSandro, the "IP Enforcer", Eliances Subject Matter Expert
A recent Supreme Court ruling requires issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in every state.  While employment discrimination protections for gay and straight emp keep reading