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Can I/ Should I send a newsletter from Outlook?
Beits Livneh SME Eliances
Why was I told NOT to use outlook to send newsletters and bulk mail? . . . keep reading

Executive Branding Secret - Be The Hunted In Social Media
Matthew O'Brien SME Eliances
This is the fourth of a multiple part series on executive brand building. This segment focuses on being "The Hunted" in social media for increasing your brand visibility and influence for driving more inbound opportunities. . . . keep reading

No, You Did Not 'Patent' That -- It's 'Patent Pending' or Perhaps Worse!
Brad DeSandro, the “IP Enforcer”, Eliances Subject Matter Expert
When explaining what he's selling, an entrepreneur may say "I patented that". But actually, the entrepreneur's wares may be 'patent pending', or the patent obtained might be easily designed around and provide little patent protection. This article explains this. . . . keep reading

Marketing on a Start-up Budget
Kasten Spethmann SME Eliances
How can you do marketing and advertising when you are a start-up that is strapped for cash? . . . keep reading

You may be rich but not wealthy, so what is your wealth?
Zoltan Kemeny SME Eliances
Dictionaries assure you that wealth in economy is measured in accounting terms as "the net worth of a person, household, or nation, that is, the value of all assets owned net of all liabilities owed at a point in time". That must have been defined in good times. How about in hard times? Is there more to this than what appears on the surface? . . . keep reading

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