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What is Eliances?
Mayor Lane Explains at State of the City Address 2015

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Defining The Icing On The Cake For Your Customers.....
Mitchell Bolnick SME Eliances
Last week I introduced my concept of what the Hierarchy of Customer Loyalty Needs comprises. I believe that a consumer will not seek nor achieve the top of the hierarchical pyramid unless they feel the lower levels have been reached to their satisfaction. I described the top two levels as "The Icing on the Cake" and "The Cherries". Let's explore the first. keep reading

Social Media Essentials for Board of Directors
Matthew O'Brien (aka MINT Social) SME Eliances
Are Board of Directors technology savvy with social media? In a recent presentation I gave over 100 board members of independent, community-based telecommunications companies, the audience's use of social media was as follows... keep reading

Rebirth of Word of Mouth Advertising Part 2
Frederick J. Weih SME Eliances
Your Words Have Power keep reading

The 9 Numbers of Investment Assessment
Zoltan Kemeny (aka HEART for Eliances) SME on values
Risk-reward, ROI, How much is at stake? Buying equity. keep reading

Is a Partnership Right for You? part 2 of 3
Scott Ferguson SME Eliances
Partnerships are not for everyone, in fact most end badly. Use this practical guide to determine if you need a partnership and what type of partner you really need. keep reading