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What is Eliances?
Mayor Lane Explains at State of the City Address 2015

Project: Fulfillment Business Accesses Assistance at Eliances
Jeff Pizzino APR, AuthenticityPR
Previously, Lloyd had been looking elsewhere for the talent he needed, and wasn't expecting to find it at Eliances. But Eliances members understand the power of relationships and how to connect the right people to each other. keep reading

Project: National Security Aerospace Defense System
Ruth Seigel, RS Marketing and PR
Eliances' members Jerry Iannacci (Mr. Smith) and Dr. Zoltan Kemeny (Heart) are co-inventors of a national security aerospace defense System, working with over a dozen Eliances members on the project. keep reading

Non-Profit Project: Operation American Patriot
Ruth Seigel, RS Marketing and PR
Eliances members in addition to Jerry Iannacci have clearly embraced Operation American Patriot efforts to pay it forward for our brave military and their families. keep reading

Featured Resources
YouTube Advertising Takes Hits From Google Music
Spiderman- Mike Kristiansen SME Eliances
That sounds like YouTube is broadcasting music from Google Music service in videos, but that's not quite it…… keep reading

The Only Thing Unchangeable......
Mitchell Bolnick SME Eliances
The weather changes. Water can be changed…to ice, to steam, to gas. Everything alive changes on a constant basis. Even land changes over time. It can be built on, dug up, or just erode over time. A design can be improved upon, a medicine made obsolete. So is there really anything that is truly unchangeable? keep reading

The Power of Language: Creating a Positive Difference - Introduction, Understanding, and Application Series
Dr. Bob Ruotolo SME Eliances
Have you ever walked into a room at home, at work, or in a social situation and just listened to the conversations going on? Who is talking to whom about what? What is the tone of each conversation? What words are being spoken? What do they sound like? What is being implied by the words and how the words are being stated about who they are referring to? keep reading

The number one thing you need to know when choosing a brand name.
Wayne Carroll SME Eliances
Picking a brand name can be one of the hardest parts of growing a start-up company. Your name and your brand says so much about who you are working to become, and the value you deliver to your customers. Your brand can attract or turn away customers (and it should do both -- attract the customers you want and turn away the customers that you don't want). keep reading

Why I believe the future of the US is positive!
Mitchell Bolnick SME Eliances
As a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal on-line I was recently asked to participate in a survey regarding the future of the United States. At the end it scored me on a scatter chart versus everyone else who has responded to the survey. I was in the majority (73%) who were in the category that is generally positive about the future. In fact, I was slightly more positive than the 73% as a whole. So I decided to switch gears this week and blog about why I am so optimistic. I don't expect everyone to agree, I am just one person with one opinion. keep reading