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What is Eliances?
Mayor Lane Explains at State of the City Address 2015

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Are there a Set of Key Success Factors Necessary to be Successful Entrepreneur?
Dr. Bob Ruotolo SME Eliances
Are there a Set of Key Success Factors Necessary to be Successful Entrepreneur? keep reading

How Well Do You Know Your Business?
Mitchell Bolnick SME Eliances
How do you know if your business is doing well financially? Is it because your revenues are increasing year over year, or year-to-date over the same period last year? Is it because your gross margins are increasing? Or is it because you have a positive bottom line each month and that has to be a good thing, right? Or is it because the balance in your company bank account remains positive and that has to be good? Are volumes increasing? The number of customers you have going up? Your accounts receivable is, for the most part, always current? You are on track to meet your financial goal for the year? keep reading

Customer Loyalty Found? Not at this place!
Mitchell Bolnick SME Eliances
Sometimes the best lessons are those given by an example from a real experience. Here is one of those. The point? Rules are good, process is good, procedure is good. All are required to run a successful business. However, flexibility under reasonable circumstances is a must to drive customer loyalty. See how these people handled it. Keep in mind, it was 110 degrees outside......... keep reading

Why Gold? Why not Diamond or Bitcoin?
Written by Zoltan A. Kemeny SME Eliances, edited by Joey R. Parks
The nature of money, money conveys info, but itself is not information, your cash deposit is bank asset now, not yours anymore keep reading

Make me cry or laugh, but make me do something- Continued.
Frederick J. Weih SME Eliances
Big Ideas at First, are Rejected! keep reading